Tuesday, June 22, 2010


One day, the maid who comes to my apartment for cleaning and washing cloths asked me, “Why don’t you get married?” I said, “Two women come to this house—you for cleaning and the other for cooking; they stay here for a total time of one hour, but they talk so much that by the time they leave, I feel drained, exhausted. Can you imagine what will happen to me if I get married and a woman stays with me 24/7!”

Thursday, June 10, 2010

shot hat

My chat with a random stranger on 27-05-2010 20:43:25:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: m 22 uk

You: m 37 India

Stranger: black bastard

You: carry on

Stranger: carry on wat wat can u do to me
Stranger: blow me up

You: abuse me more

Stranger: why
Stranger: ?

You: just want to know all that you feel about the race I belong to.

Stranger: i feel people like you a child beaters and war starters i dont think you should be aloud to abuse your children
Stranger: in any way shape or form
Stranger: ?

You: and what else?

Stranger: thats it?

You: is that all?

Stranger: yea why
Stranger: ?

You: well, I thought there is more hatred inside you.

Stranger: no why would u think that i am a honest person who will tell anyone haw i feeel if there r summut the devil brings into the world
Stranger: ?

You: are you white?

Stranger: yes and proud why?

You: and you are honest too, cuz many white people have the superiority complex and hatred for people of other races but they dont express it.

Stranger: well i do avt got a problem with you its just alot of people hurt there children in india
Stranger: ? have you got owt to say

You: How do we hurt our children?

Stranger: u work them like a horse the children over there looks after the adults
Stranger: and olnt thing there get is shot hat

You: shot hat?

Stranger: yh

You: what is a shot hat?

Stranger: well iam going avt got time to speak to people who r war causers sorry buy

Your conversational partner has disconnected.